Eligibility Criteria

The Eligibility Criteria for EGF facilities are:

  • Be a Rwandan or registered Rwandan company operating in Rwanda.
  • Commitment to repatriate further export proceeds to Rwanda.
  • Should have applied for a facility related to exports projects/business.
  • The same borrower, if he/she qualifies, can have access to the investment catalyst fund and could be eligible for a matching grant or guarantee fund, where applicable.
  • Provide documentation evidencing repatriation of export proceeds for existing exporters.
  • A Borrower will be subjected to the applicable market rates for the entire duration of the facility if he/she uses the EGF funds in other activities than the activities submitted in his/her business plan.
  • Provide a comprehensive business plan approved by the company‚Äôs management. The business case/plan to be financed should reflect the targeted increase in exports, projections of expected production, exports returns, and profits for the project and/or the company.
  • All projects financed must commit to increase export volume by 40% within three years of operations.

The borrower should commit to:

  1. Set clear and measurable export targets and endeavor to respect them;
  2. To facilitate regular inspections visits by the Monitoring and Evaluation team (M&E) team (from BRD, Minicom and PFIs) and audits on export activities, performances against export targets commitments (point 1 above) and loan agreement;
  3. To facilitate regular data collection by the M&E team.